Jan 7, 2022

Venturing into GameFi & Play-to-Earn (P2E) with Crabada | Part 1

Image of crabada battling looters during mining mission

Infinitely beautiful day, my friends! If you’re reading this, that means that you’re awesome and want to become more financially independent using the most technologically advanced method available currently: cryptocurrency.

I won’t be getting into the nuances of blockchain, cryptocurrency, or gaming & decentralized finance (GameFi) in this post; I’ll be focusing on the basics, and on Crabada, so you can go out and get started as quickly as possible.

This is going to be a 3-part post, because a girl has to live her life, so here’s what I’ll be talking about in Part 1:

  • What is GameFi and why is it amazing
    • Game tokens appear to be immune to market dips
    • It’s switching around the online gaming narrative
    • Earn money in a fun way
    • You’re in charge of your experience
  • Why being an early adopter is in your favor
  • What is Crabada
  • Why I love Crabada
    • Community
    • Transparency
    • Highly involved developers and active feedback mechanism
    • Lucrative
    • Community Donation Fund
    • Exciting roadmap
    • Gas fees are reasonable
    • The Crabada team airdrops you gas fee reimbursements
  • The initial investment

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started!

What is GameFi, and Why is It Amazing?

GameFi, which is a mix of online gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi), is basically gaming on the blockchain. You invest an amount of a particular cryptocurrency to purchase the token that the game uses, and you use that currency to play the game, and ultimately, depending on the game, earn the game token back, plus some. You can earn other tokens as well, but it’ll depend on the game.

You’ll hear GameFi called Play to Earn or P2E, it’s the same premise, which is a different premise than what most online gamers are used to, which is Pay to Play. It truly flips the script, and we’re still really early in this world.

Here are some of the reasons why I think GameFi is truly a game-changer:

Game tokens appear to be immune to market dips

From what I’ve seen so far, it is somewhat immune to market dips. The main game token for Crabada is Treasure Under Sea, $TUS, and was created on the Avalanche blockchain. While the Avalanche token, $AVAX, has experienced around a 10% decrease in price since the start of the most recent dip, $TUS has seen a 9% increase.

It’s switching around the online gaming narrative

If you have a phone, there’s a chance that you’ve played an online game or two in your life. And if you’re like most people, you’ve spent some coin on one of those games, and didn’t really see a return on your investment, except for maybe some dopamine hits here or there.

With GameFi, you can spend some money on your game, and you will absolutely make it back, if you do it right. You can take your finances back from these gaming companies that have no vested interests in you.

Earn money in a fun way

For many people, myself included, work these days is truly unfulfilling. I’ve personally imagined ways to exit the rat race for good, without ever having to look back. Granted, for me, it’s not the work that’s unfulfilling, it’s the search for work since I’m a freelance web developer.

Sales is not my forte, unfortunately 😭 In my very limited experience of GameFi, I’ve earned more in a week than I’ve made from one project, simply playing with crabs. Who does that?

You’re in charge of your experience

With GameFi, you’re truly in charge of your experience. You create the experience you want to have, based on the amount of money you have to invest and the amount of time you have to play. Depending on the risks you take and the rules of the game that you end up playing, at the end of the day, you are the one in charge of how it goes. Not the game developers, not the other players.

And the earlier you get involved in your game(s) of choice, the more say you have in the direction of the game as a whole, which brings me to my next point.

Why Being an Early Adopter is in Your Favor

GameFi, although it’s been around for a few years, is still in its infancy. There’s still time to join and be an early adopter, and reap the benefits of doing so. If you’re privy to the goings-on of the crypto world, you’ve probably heard of things like airdrops and decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs.

An example of something you may have heard of recently were the corrective Ethereum Name Service (ENS) airdrops that happened around late 2021.

ENS claiming and info

Basically, everyone who’d purchased an ENS name, e.g. aminah.eth (which is mine by the way) was airdropped a certain number of ENS tokens depending on various factors, such as how long they’d held their name. Claiming that airdrop allowed you to vote on various guidelines within the ENS constitution and become a part of the community.

Well, being part of a game’s community can net you points when they release new features, create and add new game tokens, or ask for feedback from the community on certain game features. Instead of some invisible powers of a pay-to-play game making decisions that can possibly negatively affect your gaming experience, if you’re an early adopter, your voice can be heard on decisions the developers make on the game.

Because GameFi is still so new, I’m not exactly sure what the experience is like of being part of a community where there might be hundreds of thousands to millions of users trying to make their voices heard on the direction of the game, which is why I say to get in early.

When I started playing Crabada, the game was only about a month and a half old, but even so I’d seen features released that users had brought up in the Discord chat within days and hours.

But yeah, so what is Crabada anyway?

What is Crabada?

Image of Crabada Game

Crabada touts itself as “a fully decentralized Play-and-Earn idle game” according to its whitepapers. And it truly is that. But what does that even mean?

It means that you set your players, AKA crabada, or hermit crabs, to perform one of two actions: mine or loot, which I’ll get into later in the post. Essentially, you just leave them to do their business.

You don’t have to interact with them, unless you’re being looted and want to defend your mining session, or you’re doing the looting and want to attack the mining team. That’s the definition of “idle” in this instance. And no matter whether you win or lose, you earn something.

As most games, it has a background and premise, and in the case of Crabada you can, “rediscover the prosperous ancient Hermit-Crab Kingdom once ruled by Crustaco, King of the Crabada. Recruit loyal followers to your cause. Harvest precious resources from mines, and breed new warriors for your army. Loot enemies or humble miners unaware, claiming your rightful share of their riches.”

Riches, huh? When I first stumbled upon Crabada on the Avax Ecosystem website gaming section, I was like, “THEY’RE CRAZY! The price to get started is RIDICULOUS!”

So I swapped some $AVAX for $YAY token to use with another, more arcade-like P2E gaming platform, and was woefully underwhelmed. Nobody was there, but at least the initial investment wasn’t too much. However, I swapped my $YAY back to $AVAX and kept it moving.

It was when I saw some people talking about their experiences with Crabada on Twitter, and how they were making $1000 a day that I went back to check the whitepapers to see if that was really possible.

And it is.

I spent the rest of the night reading the whitepapers and scrounging up all my crypto to make the investment into the game.

Why I Love Crabada

There are a lot of other really great P2E games out there, such as Axie Infinity, that likely have some awesome benefits; however, so far, I’ve only had experience with Crabada, so I can only speak to it. And so far, I’m sold on it as a long term GameFi go-to for the following reasons:


From the day I started, I felt like I’d become part of a welcoming community. I started chatting up random people who’ve experienced great gains from the game, as well as people who were interested, but don’t yet have the initial investment yet.


Everything you need to know about the game is written in the whitepapers, and if there’s anything you have questions about, or anything that isn’t clear, you can hop on Twitter or go to the Discord and ask the developers or other users there.

There are no secrets, and since the game us built on the blockchain, you can see all of your transactions, where they went and where they came from.

Highly involved developers and active feedback mechanism

The devs are very active within the community. They respond to feedback in such a kind way, always suggesting that you submit a feature request on their feedback website.

An example of this is when there was an increase in price for crabada rented in the Tavern (I’ll get into the Tavern in part 2), which may have caused confusion for people living in countries where they use a comma to separate cents instead of a period. The devs immediately took that to the backend and pushed out changes for it within hours.

Seriously best dev team, hands down.


As I mentioned earlier, no matter whether you win or lose, you still earn money. If you set yourself up with a strategy that aligns with your available time and goals, you can make quite a bit of extra money, even enough to quit your day job, depending on the price of $TUS and how much you can make.

So far I’ve made about 6,900 $TUS or $969 USD based on the current price of $TUS (1 $TUS = $0.14 USD). I started playing December 28th (today is January 7th).

Mind you, I’ve lost every single game except for one, and I play the maximum times a day, which is six (6). My return on investment (ROI) is currently at 22.6% for my investment in USD and 15.7% for my investment in $TUS.

Community Donation Fund

Community Donation Fund announcement

The Crabada community is truly amazing and helpful. The Crabada Ambassadors created a community donation fund to help people who want to start playing, but don’t have the money to invest.

Current players, or those who have $TUS to invest, can donate to the fund, and that $TUS is then used to purchase crabada that will be donated to individuals who complete some tasks, including taking a short course on the basics of Crabada, retweeting the original post about it on Twitter, and some other items.

Community-donated crabada qualifications

If you really want to play this game and find that the initial investment is a barrier to entry, this is a really good program to check out.

Exciting roadmap

Q4-2021 & Q1-Q4-2022 Crabada Roadmap

There are a lot of exciting developments to be released in 2022, which include player vs environment (PvE) campaigns, land ownership, player vs player (PvP) matchmaking, game items, boss fights and much more. All of these, I imagine, will be lucrative additions that make the game more engaging and for those who want that kind of experience.

Whatever your goals are for playing this game, there’s space for you. The only downside, which isn’t really a downside if you have it, is the initial investment.

Gas fees are reasonable

Using blockchain applications is very different from using common applications that use API calls to communicate with each other.

For example, if you want to watch a movie on Netflix, you go to the movie and when you click the link, an API call is made to the server that says, “Send the movie to the person at this IP address.” A bunch of stuff happens behind the scenes, but within seconds, you get the movie on your screen.

In blockchain, in order to communicate with someone or something else, you have to send a transaction. While API calls are usually free for the end user, transactions come with a network fee, known as a gas fee in the crypto world, which are the responsibility of the end user, which is you. This gas fee is basically a way for your transaction to be sent. You can think of it like using a car–you have to buy gas to go anywhere, same with your transactions.

If you’re not new to crypto, then you know how absolutely horrendous and ridiculous the gas fees are to do anything on Ethereum. Sometimes your gas fees can be as much as, or even more than, the transaction. While they’re coming up with a fix with Ethereum 2.0, it still hasn’t been released yet, so other networks are being, and have been built to address this problem.

My favorite, by far, is Avalanche. With Avalanche, your gas fees are in the pennies, and they’re superfast. I’ve sent myself $AVAX, and before I could close my mobile wallet app, the $AVAX is already there waiting for me in my Avalanche desktop wallet app.

Crabada was built on the Avalanche blockchain, which means the gas is ridiculously inexpensive, and your gaming transactions are ridiculously fast. I spend about 0.002 $AVAX to claim my $TUS and $CRA at the end of a mining session, and around 0.005 $AVAX to start a mining session. And when my network is fast, I can end a mining session and begin a new one in much less than a minute and a half.

The Crabada team airdrops you gas fee reimbursements

While supplies lasts, the Crabada team has been airdropping the users who were active playing Crabada on the platform the week prior $AVAX gas fee reimbursements.

What else can I say about that? They’re freakin’ awesome yo!

The Initial Investment

I’ve been hyping up this game so much to so many people, but I’ve purposely neglected to address the elephant in the room, which is the initial investment. For good reason: I need you to keep listening past the initial investment amount!

I’m not gonna lie, this game has a high barrier to entry, which has turned off many people who otherwise may have been interested.

The lowest amount you’ll pay to get started, with current Crabada marketplace offerings and current $TUS prices, is 13,887 $TUS or $1,937 USD (as of January 7th).

I know, I know, that’s a lot to pay. However, if you already have crypto just sitting around doing nothing, or you have some savings earning you fractions of a penny in interest, your money is much better spent in this game.

The basic amount you should look to invest to really get started playing right is at least $5,000 USD for a full team of three (3) crabada, which should absolutely include one Prime class crabada, so you can earn an extra 10% on top of your reward. Even with this team, especially with two (2) other basic crabada, you’ll almost always lose.

For the most optimal experience, you should look to invest $9,300 USD for a full team of three (3) pure Bulk class crabada, which almost never lose a battle against looters. You won’t get 10% on top of your reward, but you’ll earn the full reward on each win, which is much better.

I’ll be talking more about different strategies in part 3, so stay tuned.

There are other options for getting started, such as purchasing an egg instead of an adult crabada, however, it’s still going to be expensive. So if I’ve reeled you in, I HIGHLY suggest checking out the Crabada Community Donation Fund, following Crabada on Twitter, and joining the Discord to see what other options may come available to help you get onboard.

Break for Part 2

I’m going to cut this post off here so that you can digest everything, and so I can go home before it gets too dark.

Stay tuned for Part 2, which will info about the tokens and the activities you can participate in within the game:

  • Game tokens basics
    • Crabada NFT
    • Treasure Under Sea (TUS) token
    • Crabada token (CRA)
    • Crabada Amulet (CRAM) token
  • What you need to get started
    • Your initial investment
    • AVAX
    • TUS
    • CRA
  • Activities in the game
    • Mining
    • Looting
    • PvP Idle Battle
    • The Tavern
    • Staking

Then in Part 3 I’ll be talking about the following:

  • Multiple strategies for different goals
    • Just get started already
    • Earn extra basic income
    • Maximize income
    • Battle in upcoming action PvP game
    • Become a breeder
  • Apps you’ll need to get started
    • MetaMask
    • Coinbase/Binance
    • Coingecko
    • Avalanche Wallet
    • Trader Joe
  • Precautions to take
    • Cryptocurrency security
    • Rug pull potential?

In summary, we’re hitting up on a new way to earn money through GameFi; being an early adopter is beneficial; Crabada is super dope; even though the initial investment is high, there are ways you can get involved with the game at either no cost or scaling back your playing until you accrue the necessary crypt.

Keep a lookout for part 2!

∞ Aminah


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