Jan 13, 2022

Searching for Authenticity

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2021 was spent trying to survive. I admitted that much to myself many times throughout the year. I put up with things antithesis to my soul. I shoved things down that were crying to be released. There were a lot of ugly times last year, as I’m sure there were for others.

We as a collective are experiencing a massive shift in the ways that we live, the ways that we relate to each other, the ways that we exist on this planet physically, the ways that we exist as energetic beings. Things are speeding up at an exponential rate, but we are not ready as a collective for some of the changes that are happening.

The big “however” is that we have to make ourselves ready. I’m learning that for myself. It was a hard lesson at first, because I wanted to keep things and people in my life that aren’t a vibrational match for who I am and who I’m becoming. I found it extremely difficult to let them go, but the longer I held on, the deeper the pain was when I came back to the same conclusions, time and again, that this isn’t meant to continue into the future.

That’s why I had to begin searching for my authenticity. I wish it wasn’t a search, I wish that it was right there in my face, easy to see and easy to wear like a big, puffy red coat. But I’ve always turned myself into what other people wanted me to be. I’ve rarely felt safe or comfortable enough to be my true self in the company of others.

I always felt like I had to minimize or maximize some part of myself in order to have relationships, but that min/maxing started wearing me down.

2022 I can no longer engage in that, I can no longer mask myself in order to relate to others. Maybe that means that I’ll be utterly alone for a while, or maybe I’ll meet people who accept me exactly as I am, and their presence will be energizing instead of draining.

2022 is the year of authenticity. It has to be, because if we collectively continue to turn ourselves into unrecognizable strangers in order to be loved, to fit in, to be understood, all of that, something tells me that the number of energetic illnesses manifesting in the physical will rise exponentially.

Imagine living in a body that’s telling you an experience is painful, but you keep putting it through that experience and other experiences it doesn’t like. It hurts. Truly.

Authenticity, for me, means speaking on topics that may not be mainstream, and that may get me unfollowed, or have people thinking I’m a lunatic. I guess it doesn’t really matter, though, because even people with PhDs and MDs from Ivy League schools have been shunned by society because they held views backed by peer-reviewed research that weren’t in line with the main narrative of the past 2 years.

Authenticity means not caring who is offended by me and my truth.

We’ve grown into a very sensitive people who get offended by every little thing, having succumbed to the belief that someone else’s opinions, someone else’s beliefs, someone else’s truth is an attack on our very existence.

We’ve grown into a people who have ceased understanding that we can coexist without sucking up to each other, or without going to ridiculous lengths to make each other comfortable. Spaces that we don’t belong in, we just don’t belong in. That’s when we start to make our own spaces. We don’t need to beg people to see us if we could just see ourselves and how great we truly are.

I hope that we can all find the courage to be authentic in 2022. We need it. Let’s not be afraid of our true selves. Let’s shine light on those dark parts of ourselves and either integrate or transmute them.

This will require examining our childhoods and seeing what aspects of our inner children are unhealed, and working to heal them. It will involve dissolving beliefs that we’ve been ingrained with, and finding what truly resonates with us on a deep soul level. This ain’t easy work, y’all! But I believe that we’ll be able to shift into a better world once we do.

Here’s to an authentic 2022, and beyond.

∞ Aminah


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